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China Best Sales Small Planetary Gearbox with Free Design Custom

The Planetary Motion Is The Principle For The Planetary Gearbox.

The Accurately Positioned And Meshed Planet Gears  With The Sun Gear In The Centre And The Internal Teeth Of The Outer Ring Gear Compose Each Stage Of A Planetary Gearbox.

The Sun Gear Gets The Input While The 3 Planet Gears Provide The Ouput Via A Planet Carrier .

The Torque Handling Capacity Is Very High Because Of Its Flexibility , And A Very High Weight /Volume Ratio , Thus It Lends Its Application In Various Industries – Specifically In High Torque Requirements Making It The Most Economical Solution.

Ever-Power Engineers Is A Preeminent Name In The Power Transmission Product Industry.

Being A Proud Supplier Of Planetary Gearbox, We Provide An Excellent Distinguished Service To Our Clientile.

Planetary Gearbox Product Specifications :

Provides High Torque At Slow Speeds.

The Shafts Are Made Up Of Hardened And Tempered Special Alloy Steel.

Sun And Planet Gears Are Made Of Case Carburised And Ground Alloy Steel.

Ring Gears Are Made Up Of Forged Alloy Steel.

Best Load Sharing Because Of Accurate Positioning Of Planets.

Low Noise Levels.

No Oil Leakage.

Good Quality Taper Roller Bearings For Input And Output Shafts.

Very High Efficiency

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